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Infusing capital to give you a competitive edge.

Rich Bitch Capital partners with
entrepreneurs to help them unlock their
revenue potential. We only invest in
projects we love.

Why Rich
Bitch Capital

It’s crowded. You gotta f shit up to be seen.

Disruption requires you to be bold and a bit of a bitch.

We’ll help you differentiate yourself and increase your marketshare.

The nitty gritty

How RBC shapes growth


Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies and opportunities for revenue expansion.


Integrate tech stacks and re-engineer the overall approach to business.


Increase capacity for scale with our OGS framework, automations and acquisitions.


Business architecture requires a bedrock. RBC has the frameworks to build the foundation.


Roadmaps require organizational development. RBC helps you become an effective team that can execute.


Scale requires standard operating procedures. RBC simplifies and streamlines through automation, while innovating and optimizing systems for scale.

Dominate in
the marketplace

Are you next?

Passive/Active partnerships

Passive Partnerships: Infuses capital while allowing original founders the autonomy to grow. RBC only requires a minority equity stake and dividends as part of this model.

Active Partnerships: Infuse a more sizable investment and require a larger equity stake, including revenue share.

Due to the nature of strategic advisement and RBC resources required to make active partnerships successful, there is a rigorous application and approval process.

RBC expertise spans across multiple verticals including:




The bitch behind RBC

Nineveh Madsen is a former award-winning journalist turned branding and business growth expert. She has helped businesses 4X revenue to multiple 8 figures with a market cap of half a billion and beyond. As a strategic growth advisor and specialist in organizational and leadership development, Nineveh is dedicated to dominating with entrepreneurs who bring innovation to the marketplace.

Nineveh Madsen

Do you have what it takes
to win?

If you have the talent and the drive.